We recognise that day-to-day life can take its toll on us; occasionally this may result in not being able to cope. At times like this you may feel alone and overwhelmed. This is often a time when having someone to talk to who understands, is crucial to restoring the balance in your life.

Counselling helps when it feels like no one understands what it is like being you, or when your feelings make no sense to you or people around you. Support from friends and family is important but may not be enough. The counsellors at NMCA are here to support you.

The New Malden Counselling Service, based at The New Malden Methodist Church, has been providing affordable, professional counselling for nearly 20 years. Now under new management, The New Malden Counselling Associates are pleased to be able to continue this work. Located in the heart of New Malden town centre, we pride ourselves on offering safe, confidential and affordable counselling.